Friday 29 October 2021



Without any doubt at all, the best radio I have owned is the ICOM IC-7610. But the grass is always greener and so even though I loved my IC-7610, I thought there might be something better out there. I purchased a YAESU FT-DX101D and really disliked it. 

Obviously, it was a magnificent transceiver (as they all are at this price level), but I just couldn't believe how annoying it was to work with. No point going on about it - just read the review and see for yourself. It obviously suits a lot of people - but it didn't suit me. After that I invested in a bit of Russian technology in the form of an Expert Electronics MB1 Prime. Again, a fabulous radio, but I hit a problem which led to me returning it and getting my money back.

For a very short time, I convinced myself that I didn't need a BIG radio in the shack because most of my radio-time was actually spent outdoors with my IC-705, so I ended up "making do" with a Yaesu FT-891 and my Icom IC-7100 for indoor play. To be fair, they’re both fabulous!! 

But I kept pining for my 7610. It had just done everything so well. Nothing at all annoyed me about it. I never felt that it was lacking in any way. And as is often the case, I kept seeing IC-7610's on the internet in Groups, Forums and Blogs, making me wish I had that happy feeling back. 😂

Well now I do! Because I've bought another one and (I know I've said this before) it's a keeper! Having first-hand knowledge of what's out there, I no longer need to look for the best - it's right here in my shack…


When I originally considered buying an IC-7610, I had looked at the FT-DX101D and came to these initial conclusions…

  • I hate the 101's chavvy 3D waterfall!
  • I dislike the 101's 2D waterfall.
  • I love the 101's overall appearance.
  • I love the 7610's progressive tuning.
  • I like the 7610's meter options.
  • I like the 7610's screen layout options.
  • I like the 101's 3 antenna ports.
  • I love the 7610's built-in network server.
  • I love the 7610's  4 USB ports.
  • I love the 7610's Remote Control capability.
  • I love the 7610's QSO recorder.
  • I like the 7610's compact dimensions
  • I like the 7610's TWIN CLOCKS (Local/UTC) (FT-101D has none!!)

I should have trusted my gut feeling about the 101, because having owned both radios I now know that the 7610 is the better radio for me. In fact, it’s becoming increasingly clearer that I have a strong preference for Icom’s way of doing things and find myself more and more at odds with Yaesu - especially with their newer products. 

No one can accuse me of bleating on about a product that I haven’t paid hard-earned cash for. I’ve forked out good money for them all and I look at them without any bias and without any favour. And I’d like to say that I’m not a blind ICOM ‘fan boy’.  I’m not a Yaesu hater too - I have had more Yaesu radios than any other make and I currently own four Yaesu!! 

18 Feb 2022 : I bought an LDG MC-7610 for the radio and it looks great. CLICK HERE to see.

I’m a very happy chappy and super excited having the 7610 back 😊

73, Tom, M7MCQ.


VE9KK said...

Very good morning Tom, glad to see that you have come to see what radio is just right for you. For a short time I missed my K3 when I sold it for the 7610 but over time I found that I made the right choice. Oh, and just for info I worked HD8R DXexpedition with my GREAT 7610.
Enjoy your 7610-second honeymoon, Tom

Todd H. said...

I got mine today from HRO. Impressive rig. It'll take while to figure out everything. I have a 9100 along side of it for VHF/UHF and DSTAR. Works good for Sats too. Got a couple of Yaesu's too. I liked the lay-out of the 7610 better, plus a true blown SDR. 73, Todd AL7PX

MadDogMcQ said...

Hahaha, second honeymoon - I like it. Well I am now (finally) settled and will not be changing this radio for any other!
Well done on the Galapagos contact!

Thanks for visiting.

Kind regards, Tom, M7MCQ.

MadDogMcQ said...

Hey Todd,
Congrats on the 7610, I'm sure you're gonna love it! It's just the best from so many viewpoints.

Thanks for visiting. Much appreciated!

Kind regards, Tom, M7MCQ.