Sunday 18 August 2019



Ever since the Yaesu FT-1000MP left the shack, I've kinda missed having a big "traditional buttons, dials and knobs" radio to play with. Most of my radio time is spent outdoors running QRP but Winter is coming and I have decided that I want a full-size rig in the shack.

Looking around, there were lots of choices, not least of all the IC-7300 but one major consideration is the high Noise Floor at my QTH and according to my research, the Yaesu FT-DX3000 is better at quietening that noise down than the 7300.

The 7300 seems to be everyone's sweetheart right now and it was a very difficult radio to turn up my nose at, but ultimately, I needed that extra quieting and although the 7300 has a superb hi-res screen with panadapter and waterfall, I will be happy to use the DX3000's IF OUT to feed my RSP1A and have a BIG panadapter and waterfall on my PC screen.

I had originally considered the cheaper FT-DX1200 and found it very difficult to find a comparative list of features to help me make my mind up. Even some radio-stores didn't know all the differences, so as usual, it's down to the consumer to do the research. So here it is...

Over and above the DX1200, the FT-DX3000 has the following benefits/features...

  • Better receiver architecture closely linked to the FT-DX5000/9000. The DX1200 is closer related to the FT-450 and 991 architecture.
  • IF-OUT.  The 1200 has no IF-OUT socket. 
  • USB connectivity. This makes connection to a PC very straightforward!
  • SOUNDCARD built-in. Simplifies the digital modes of operation.
  • FFT1 CARD built-in. Allows encoding/decoding of RTTY/PSK1 on-screen. Also provides decoding of CW and Auto-Tunes the CQ signal.
  • REAL-TIME SCOPE. Shows real-time scope reading like the 9000.
  • 13.8v OUT
  • RX OUT
Although it has a built-in ATU, it's pretty useless in that it will only work with a 3:1 SWR - anything worse than that and you can forget it! Well that's not gonna cut the mustard with my G5RV, so I'll have to invest in a good external ATU.

Oh and just look at Amazon's price (UK Aug 2019). I always considered Amazon to be pretty competitive but this proves otherwise.....

Just arrived..........


Since writing this post over 2yrs ago, I upgraded to a higher-end radio and never came back here to complete a review of the radio - which I'm annoyed about!

Let me start by saying that the FT-DX3000 is one of the most enjoyable radios that I've ever owned. I actually miss this radio and have even thought of buying another one on the secondhand market. Why?? Well it just did everything effortlessly.

The flagship  Yaesu 101D which I bought just annoyed the hell out of me!! The DX3000 just sat in the background doing its job and I probably didn't fully appreciate (then) how good it actually was for the money. If I get another one I will review it fully.

73, Tom, M7MCQ

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MM0XXW said...

I'm glad it sorted out your issues Tom!
I was in exactly the same position and did exactly the same swap, 7300 to Y3K, and have NO regrets it's a superb radio so good luck with it and welcome to the madhouse!