Tuesday 29 October 2019



Nissei have been producing electronic goods for over 50 years and I've found them to be a reasonably good product at the price point. This NS-1230D psu is the updated version of the 1230M and now includes an attractive Digital LCD screen instead of the older analogue meter.

NISSEI  NS-1230D  30A  PSU

This Switched Mode Power Supply unit provides up to 30A (surge) at 13.8V, although a maximum constant draw of 25A would be more realistic. The unit is incredibly compact for such an output, measuring just 127mm wide! On the front panel it has the large and bright display showing the output voltage and current, a variable voltage dial (4-16V) and two banana/binding posts for quick connection.

At the rear is has two sets of powerpole sockets. Personally, I've always used 4mm banana plugs and sockets, but I'm slowly moving over to Anderson Power Poles.It seems to me that everyone favours the powerpoles but in all honesty, I don't see a great advantage other than they can be stacked.

The NS-1230D has short-circuit and output over-voltage protection, so there's little chance of accidental damage to the unit by ham-fisted users. The psu is enclosed in a smart steel case and it weighs just 1.35Kg. The fan is reasonably quiet.

I plan to use this Nissei NS1230D to power my VHF/UHF radio and let my Alinco DM-330FX power my HF radio and the rest of the shack components.

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Wazy said...

I've read a couple of bad reviews on these which suggest they give a lot of noise, especially on 10-12 meters. Have you experienced any issues?