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Some hams operate alone and have no desire to get involved with other operators on a face to face basis and that's obviously their choice, but there's a lot to be said for joining a local radio-club and that's what I want to look at here.  Through different hobbies I've learned that there are many benefits to joining a club and over the years I've greatly enjoyed my membership of the local Biker Club, Art Club, Photography Club, and more recently Radio Club.

Clubs offer different things to different people. Beginners who are looking to get into the hobby can gain access to a wealth of knowledge and advice at their local club, including help with training. Radio equipment and antennas are often readily accessible too. 

Clubs offer members plenty of other learning opportunities in the form of Guest Speakers and Demonstrations and not all of these need to be outsiders - sometimes it's equally valuable and entertaining to have a Club Member do a Show & Tell on a subject that he's particularly passionate about such as 'Operating Remotely' or 'Introduction To C4FM' or 'DIY Antennas', etc. There's always something new to learn in this great hobby and at the Club, there's always someone with valuable information to impart.

It's worth pointing out that some clubs might be focused more on Social Meets rather than Radio Activities, so make sure that you choose the right one for you. Or join both! 😊


Most clubs arrange activity events throughout the year and these are varied to suit the many different interests of the members. Some will be interested in a QRP Field Day while others might prefer a day-trip to Jodrell Bank or Hack Green. Everyone's catered for and everyone's free to suggest something. 

As a group, club-members take part in all sorts of little projects like...

  • Building a Repeater
  • Operating Remotely
  • DIY Antennas
  • Learning To Solder
  • Building Electronic Kits
  • Erecting Antennas
  • Planning Permissions
  • Entering DX Competitions
  • Working with Linears
  • Working QRP
  • SOTA & POTA 
  • Exploring Digital
  • Using VNAs
  • Using Morse Code
  • QSO with a Space Station
  • Setting up DSTAR, C4FM, DMR
  • Setting up Logging Software
  • Raspberry Pi for Amateur Radio
  • and many, many more!

More than anything though,
Radio Clubs exist to bring together like-minded people and to create an environment in which they can relax, enjoy, study and learn. In a busy world full of work commitments, stress and worry, your visit to the Club can mean a very welcome break!

So why not try your local Club?
It costs nothing for your first few visits and ongoing membership costs are minimal. You'll almost certainly gain from your membership and although you may not think it, you may well end up helping others out - we've all got something to learn and something to teach. Take a friend along with you!

My Local Clubs

BL3 4RZ.



Hollins Social Club
Off Hollins Lane

Miners Welfare Club
Meanley Road
Gin Pit Village
M29 7DW.

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