Thursday 28 October 2021



Earlier today, I almost bought a little Power Splitter and it was really quite expensive too. Then I got a grip of myself and realised that it made far more sense to just make a simple wire-splitter with Anderson PowerPole connectors.

The only reason I wanted one was for when I wanted to add an accessory to my LifePo battery while outdoors - perhaps a small ATU or a powered meter or maybe just something to put some charge into my phone for the hotspot. I didn’t need more than a single extra connection. 

While I was doing it. I decided to do it properly and make sure it was fitted with easy-change fuses.

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VE9KK said...

Good Friday morning Tom, excellent idea and making it yourself is the way to go. I always find when doing a project yourself, you take your time and end up making it better. I made up similar ends, which allowed me to parallel my battery packs for outdoor use.