Saturday 30 January 2021


I don't often go on 2M unless it's a scheduled call with a friend or if there's a Net that I like. This morning I was awake early and decided to get out of bed and make a nice cup of tea and listen to the radio for a while.

When I powered up, there was nothing on the HF bands to speak of, so I switched over to VHF. Across a silent bandscope I spotted a spike and tuned to the frequency. There were a couple of guys chatting away (I shan't mention their callsigns), putting the world to rights.

It soon became apparent that the core subject was politics and straight away I was reminded why I dislike 2M so much. These two guys were ranting on about how the UK Government were forcing the NHS Hospital staff to purposely let people die, in order to make more room in the country for "Johnny Foreigner". 😮

And these guys weren't teenage brats with nothing between their ears - they were both 'mature' men with advanced licences. It just beggars belief!!  

Previously I've heard all sorts of things on 2M including rants about conspiracy theories involving street lamps containing 5G weapons of war which are there to suppress the masses in case of a future revolution! Jeez!!

80M has its share of these people too, but 2M seems to be getting worse. Everyone has the right to free speech and we can't stop people discussing politics, religion and other potentially volatile subjects on-air, so I have to exercise my right to filter out these morons with my band switch. 

Don't get me wrong - I'm all for a proper chinwag as opposed to '59 and 73', but you can just sense the hatred and bile in some of these  'discussions' and I don't think it's good for the future of radio.

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73, Tom, M7MCQ.

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