Saturday 2 January 2021



I've just had two hellish times with the Yaesu FTM-300DE. The first horror was updating the firmware and the second horror was trying to program the radio with Yaesu's ADMS-12 software.

The firmware issue was just annoyingly protracted and convoluted! You have to carry out 3 updates and this involves moving miniature switches which are almost invisible and easy to damage, unzip three packages and arrange them on your PC ready to use. You have to update the head unit and the main unit separately and it all seems outrageous compared to how other manufacturers do it (by way of a single downloadable file on a simple SDCARD file).

OMG Yaesu, get with the times!!!

Anyway, once that was over and done with, I decided to download Yaesu's free programming software, ADMS-12. After installing the main program and the included drivers, I began to populate the programmer with some sample frequencies for local repeaters and gateways. Everything seemed pretty straightforward and after inputting a few, I thought it best to try sending them to the radio.

Well that's where the fun started! OMG it drove me nuts!! With the SCU-20 cable attached between the FTM300 and the PC, I kept getting errors. Reading from the radio (Get Data) worked most of the time, but every time I tried writing the file to the radio (Send Data) I got a TimeOut error on the PC and an Error on the radio which resulted in a full (unrequested) reset, requiring the CallSign to be entered.

Believe me, I tried all sorts to resolve it with no joy, wasting hours of my valuable holiday-time 😡

I decided to forget the SCU Cable altogether and simply send the data to the radio's SDCARD instead. Well that failed too!! OMG I was ready to throw the whole thing through the window at this point. 

To cut a long story short, I found that THE ONLY WAY to get the job done was to do the following. It sounds crazy, I know, but follow these steps carefully and in sequence - and it will work....

  1. Format the SD Card in the PC
  2. Format the SD Card in the Radio
  3. Long-press the F button
  4. Go to Backup and press the dial
  5. Select Write to SD Card ALL
  6. Read from SD Card ALL
  7. Power off radio
  8. Remove SD Card and put in PC
  9. Open ADMS-12 Software
  10. Open up your memory file
  11. Click on Communications Menu
  13. Safely remove SD Card and insert in radio
  14. Power on radio
  15. Long-press the F button
  16. Go to backup and press the dial
  17. Select Read From SD ALL

The radio should read the data and then reset. When the radio comes back on, press the V/M button and you should see all your memories.

Blimey, what a rigmarole! Hopefully, this will save you hours of scratching your head (or banging it against a brick wall) LOL. It seems that the supplied USB lead (or the SCU-20 lead) just will not work reliably, so best to follow this SD CARD method.

My thanks to Andreas Macrides who posted this solution on a YouTube video.

73, Tom, M7MCQ.

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VE9KK said...

WOW.....that sounds like a huge pain in the ass day for sure. We all have been there thinking something will be an easy, and it turns into a nightmare. With Elecraft (no longer an owner sold my last rig over the holidays) there is a desktop program (provide by Elecraft) Turn your radio on and via a USB cable when the desktop icon is clicked you just sit back and watch. For sure Yaesu has the tech brains to come up with something similar for sure.

sjmmarsh said...

Thanks for this - sadly the steps above do not work for my rig (Windows 11 and the latest firmware from 7/21). I can backup and restore to the SD card, but if I use ADMS-12 I can get the data from the rig, but sending it back (with no changes) results in a timeout and a crash. Using ADMS-12 to save to the SD card also results in a timeout, so the software looks like it is changing the file as the original will restore OK. I have put in a call to Yaesu support and will let you know if there is a fix (other than RT systems which I am reluctant to switch to)