Monday 1 February 2021



I quite like FT8 but sometimes I grow tired of the fight to get a response when I double-click on a CQ CALL in WSJT-X's left window pane. It sometimes seems like I'm being ignored, so I end up just waiting for people to call me instead.

After a chat with my mate today, I altered my approach to making contacts and got some nice results at half my usual power. I didn't seem to have to work any harder with the lower power too!

My mate Dave (G8LIY) suggested that instead of clicking on the CQ Calls, I click on the operators while they are just ending a QSO at the RR73 stage. I'd tried this in the past but it didn't seem to make a difference, although I can't remember if I'd only given it a quick go.

Anyway, it sure did work today and I got over 30 contacts on 6 bands including Top Band, using my IC-705 on 5W through an EFHW.

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73, Tom, M7MCQ.


PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hello Tom, It's not always easy to get contacts on a overcrowded FT frequency. I've been struggling myself at times. It is a good one to try calling when you have seen a RR73. But overall I think you have to be lucky to be on a free part in the waterfall. On 40m/20m that's almost impossible to find. I prefer the 60m in the morning most times to have some luck. I found myself calling on 20m FT8 a while ago to test my vertical but no luck at all.....and I was using 100W! 73, Bas

VE9KK said...

Good evening Tom, I had the same issue as you did with clicking on a station calling CQ and not getting a reply. I have noticed that some station did what you mentioned clicking on the station as they were ending a QSO. I have not yet done that so not sure if it's going to work for me. What I have not done is reduce my power at present I work at 70 watts and maybe on Tuesday I will try a lower power and see what happens.
73 and great post,

MadDogMcQ said...

Thanks for your comments guys. 60M is not available to me in the UK as a Foundation License holder, but I do quite well on all the other bands Bas.

I enjoy the QRP levels Mike. My mate uses just 2.5W on a small INDOOR loop!! I think he's managed to work 85 countries so far. Amazing.

73, Tom, M7MCQ.