Monday, 28 November 2022



I don't agree with bringing politics into Ham Radio, but this isn't politics though - it's about helping innocent people to fight invading terrorists in any way that you can. As tax-payers, we already support Ukraine by supplying them with incredibly expensive weapon systems to help defend themselves, along with many other forms of support. That's all good.

But how else can we help? Well our local radio club (Bolton Wireless Club) started a "UKRAINE APPEAL"; we were asked if we had any surplus equipment that we could donate - receivers, transceivers, antennas, coax, connectors - anything!  Members donated all sorts of stuff, amounting to over 10 boxes of equipment ready to be shipped over to Ukraine via official channels.  

Personally, I thought I'd send my Baofeng UV-9R with desk-charger. It's been sat in my garage for 3yrs not doing very much and just might help someone over there. I also decided to send my Kenwood TH-F7E.  Again, it's not much of a sacrifice is it?

I post this in the hope that some of you visitors might encourage your radio clubs to do something similar. We've all got unused radio equipment around the shack that we never use. Even if it's a few PL-Plugs, adapters, chargers, rubber-ducks, etc.

I'm pleased to report that the equipment I sent over was received and a photo was sent as confirmation 😊

I've also changed my eQSL card (below). Dramatic?? Yes! But it hopefully gets the message across. IMHO it's not about Russians attacking Ukrainians - it's about PUTIN and his Generals waging war on a neighbouring country. And more recently it's about targeting civilians in particular.

Am I right to send this QSL card around the world?? Who might it upset? No one that I care about, is the answer to that question!

Best regards,

Tom, M7MCQ.

UPDATE : 19 Jan 2023

Received a word of thanks from Nick (UR6QV) in the form of a certificate.


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