Saturday 4 September 2021


 The ‘plan’ was to take a couple of weeks off work and have me a good old radio vacation, but our new puppy kinda ruined that idea! All my empty hours were filled with dog-walking instead of CQ’ing!


It seemed like every time I reached for my radio, young Betty (the English Springer Spaniel) would jump all over me to get me to take her for another long walk. If I ignored her pleas, she’d just just jump up on my knee to join in 😂

So I got very little done in the end. The caravan site we stayed at did not permit the erection of any antennas, so I couldn’t use my trusty and reliable SotaBeams Dipole. Instead, I used my AlexLoop HamPack, but the location wasn’t really good.

When I got home I setup on the patio and tried my Elecraft AX1 Telescopic but the bands were full of giant-power stations running an “All Asia” competition and no one was the slightest bit interested in an M7 from England 🙄

So overall, my great radio-holiday turned out to be a holiday away from radio LOL


VE9KK said...

Good afternoon Tom, very nice to read you post and yes we have all been there at some point with a new dog and all the fun that goes with it. I am sure we will see more radio/Betty pic's in the near future. Pets are great for the health.

Dick said...

When Pepsy my Doxy wants his walkies, he gets them. Love him to pieces. Even more than QRP cw...and that's a lot. 72 to you both. F8WBD.

Dick said...

My radio gear doesn't love me. Pepsi my doxy-dog does. We humans don't deserve dogs. Walkies first, then radio. 73 de F8WBD.