Saturday, 4 September 2021


 The ‘plan’ was to take a couple of weeks off work and have me a good old radio vacation, but our new puppy kinda ruined that idea! All my empty hours were filled with dog-walking instead of CQ’ing!


It seemed like every time I reached for my radio, young Betty (the English Springer Spaniel) would jump all over me to get me to take her for another long walk. If I ignored her pleas, she’d just just jump up on my knee to join in 😂

So I got very little done in the end. The caravan site we stayed at did not permit the erection of any antennas, so I couldn’t use my trusty and reliable SotaBeams Dipole. Instead, I used my AlexLoop HamPack, but the location wasn’t really good.

When I got home I setup on the patio and tried my Elecraft AX1 Telescopic but the bands were full of giant-power stations running an “All Asia” competition and no one was the slightest bit interested in an M7 from England 🙄

So overall, my great radio-holiday turned out to be a holiday away from radio LOL

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