Saturday 24 June 2023


I’ve said it before - we are not allowed to erect any antennas at our Holiday Park, but you can erect a flag pole 😳🤷‍♂️, so originally I put up a 10M vertical, but wasn’t very happy with it, so I bought a Sigma HF-X80 and fitted it with a neat little Union Jack to keep the Park officials happy 😂.

When neighbours haven’t got their bloody LED lights and cheap phone chargers plugged in, the noise floor is pretty good and the Sigma performs quite well. I installed the antenna quite low down to the ground (I had no choice), securing it to a heavy wooden post which forms part of the caravan’s decking. It’s surprisingly secure.

According to the manufacturer, there’s no need for radials but I thought I’d discreetly attach one anyway (the thin yellow wire in the close-up image). I didn’t take any before/after measurements so I’ve no idea if it’s helped.

Taking readings from my Antenna Analyser, I got the following results…


  • 160M - 4.4 / 90
  • 80M - 3.5 / 157
  • 40M - 1.99 / 34
  • 30M - 1.09 / 45
  • 20M - 1.04 / 52
  • 17M - 1.76 / 62
  • 15M - 3.1 / 24
  • 12M - 4.1 / 13
  • 10M - 4.5 / 11
Quite linear results there, with very acceptable figures in the middle and the rest being easily tunable by my little ATU. The Sigma only cost £90 and has provided me with a great solution to the antenna ban. No, it’s not perfect, but it’s certainly better than nothing and despite its compromised positioning, it’s doing quite well. It also copes with the very heavy winds that we get here (even with the extra loading of that flag).

I should point out that I bought this because my friend G0UXF has one and he has had amazing results with it - although his has a fabulous grounding thanks to it being attached to a huge steel fence.

Just connected my trusty 4W (tr)uSDX and got through to the first six operators I called ❤️

SIGMA HF-X80 : Recommended!

73, Tom, M7MCQ.


foot said...

Well I very much like all I see in your photos. The vertical seems to work well for you. No antenna restrictions are a real pain. I live in an HOA community but have an outside vertical which has been you for over 20 years with no problems. Not really great but it allows me to use my hobby of 70 years.

John K2JHU...

MadDogMcQ said...

Thanks for the visit and for leaving a comment John - much appreciated 👍

Great to hear you are still enjoying this fabulous hobby after 7 decades!! Maybe you could do a write-up about it and email it over to me? It would make a fantastic story!

Take care my friend.

73, Tom, M7MCQ.

g0vgs said...

Great figures from 40m to 17m. I am always sceptical of multi band aerials but this obviously works well for you. I wonder if you looked at it without the counterpoise?

73 Ian

MadDogMcQ said...

Thanks for the visit Ian. Yes, I am really happy with it. I was telling Bill (G4CFP) about it tonight at the club and he has one. He’s equally happy. I’ll disconnect the counterpoise when I next go to the caravan and see if there’s any difference. Bill said they are supposed to perform MUCHG better with a proper ground, as opposed to a counterpoise. I’ll try that too.

73, Tom, M7MCQ.

MadDogMcQ said...

@G0GVS : Ian I disconnected the radial wire and the readings went South, so I reconnected it and am currently thinking of ways to add a ground rod close by.

Regards, Tom.