Wednesday 1 February 2023



Ooow, I invented a new word 😂

For a few years now, I've used a LowePro Camera Bag for transporting my radio gear when outdoors on a Field Day or Sota outing. It's proven to be a fabulous choice, being light, comfortable and accommodating.

It's been very flexible in terms of what can be secured in there. The padded dividers can be configured to fit virtually any item thanks to their Velcro fixings and because there's more than you usually need, you can use spare dividers as covers to prevent stuff falling out when you open the rucksack.

This particular model is the Lowepro LP36892-PWW Tahoe 150  and only costs £60 on Amazon, but I actually paid £40 for mine as a second hand item on Ebay. It was in perfect, as-new condition!. It's had a few years of use and abuse now, but it's proved to be tough as old boots.  

And then lo and behold, I spotted another minter on Facebook MarketPlace yesterday for £30, so I snapped that up too. The guy only lived 4 miles away, so that meant I could check it out before paying.

The Tahoe 150 not only has room for my radios, batteries and accessories, but also has a zipped storage area for all those bits and bats that come in very handy out in the field - a selection of adapters, a pigtail, a compass, knife, etc.

It also stores my SotaBeams/Hawkins antennas in the front cover along with a pencil and notepad. On the side of the rucksack it has a net pocket which holds my telescoping mast and has a quick release strap higher up to keep it stable.

Having found another of these versatile carriers (at a bargain price), I can make up a second 'RuckShack' ready to go, instead of swapping out radios and rearranging the dividers every time.

Highly recommended product!

73, Tom, M7MCQ.

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John AE5X said...

Camera bags are much more versatile than the Pelican-style hardcases many of us use. I have three of those boxes - great protection but now "obsolete" to my use since the radios (that I cut the foam to fit) have been sold and replaced. The configurable dividers in camera bags allow flexibility from one set of radio/accessories to the next.

John AE5X

MadDogMcQ said...

Many thanks for the visit John! Yes, I agree with your comments about Pelican hardcases - I do have a couple but only ever use them for safely 'transporting', rather than 'carrying'.

Hope you're well.
73, Tom, M7MCQ.