Sunday, 25 July 2021



Boy, what a frustrating weekend I've had. No matter what I tried, I just could not get any audio to come from my BlueDV App using my Windows10 Surface Pro7 tablet. It was all the more frustrating because it had worked fine a few weeks ago!

I had tried ALL SORTS of things to remedy the problem and had sought help from the BlueDV User Group on Facebook, but none of the suggestions seemed to help (because I'd tried them all myself).

Thinking that it was because my DVSTICK30 was faulty, I tried it in another PC and was presented with an altogether different problem - the BlueDV software reported that it "can not find com port". So that led me to waste a load of time resolving that issue. This particular problem turned out to be because I was using a Beta version of BDV. 

So, knowing that there was nothing wrong with the hardware itself, I switched back to the Surface Pro7 tablet. I performed a Windows Update. I updated the Realtek drivers. Updated the FTDI drivers. I updated everything!!!

And still no audio. When I opened the Windows Volume Mixer, I could see that the BDV App was showing, but there was still no audio from the app even though I could clearly see that someone was transmitting.

Anyway, to cut a L-O-N-G story short, the issue was all down to the fact that I had selected the wrong Model AMBE in the setting page. I had clicked on AMBE3003 instead of AMBE3000 😩

So I'm posting this page to help any other dumbos like me who accidentally click on the wrong option in a drop-down menu. It might save someone a weekend of hair-pulling 😂 At least it's sorted out now and I can enjoy my digital chats again.

Click here if video doesn't play

In case you don't know what a DVSTICK30 is (and BlueDV App), it's a means of connecting to DMR, DSTAR or C4FM digitally without the need for a radio or antenna. You simply plug the DVSTICK30 dongle into a Windows computer, laptop or tablet and run the (free) BlueDV software. 

Using your PC's built-in mic/spkr you can start talking to operators around the globe. For those operators who have no repeaters within reach of their QTH (or for those who are not permitted antennas), the DVSTICK30 is a fabulous solution.

Of course, with no RF being involved, you'll come across the usual crowd who love to belittle internet-based radio users, but I just ignore them! At the end of the day, these devices permit  Licensed Amateurs to communicate with one another, when they may not otherwise be able to. How can that be bad?

I have quite a few RF radios and I also have the DVSTICK30, a DVMEGACAST, a DVAP DONGLE and an OpenSpot2. With limited antenna options at home, it's really great to be able to comfortably have chinwags with operators from every corner of the globe

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73, Tom, M7MCQ.


  1. Good afternoon Tom, we have all had one of those days. It's so true that as you begin to trouble shoot and go off on different adventures the time just flies by.
    glad it is all working again for you.

    1. Thanks Mike,
      Time does indeed fly by! And when you have lots of hobbies, all these little problems that need to be overcome, lead to many weekends being lost, LOL.

      Ah well, it beats watching TV huh?

      73, Tom, M7MCQ.