Thursday 29 April 2021



Yesterday I was looking for a table-clamp for my magnetic loop - something I could use in the garden or out in the field or parks. I tracked down a few on Amazon which seemed ideal - they were actually intended to support computer monitors but would meet my requirements perfectly. The only problem was that Amazon had no stock and their prices were ridiculous anyway! Amazon (UK) have really started to crack up their profits recently and I'm getting mighty cheesed off with them.

Fortunately, I managed to find the manufacturer of the clamps I'd seen on Amazon and they were actually based in England so I ordered directly from their website.

The £14 clamp-post arrived the very next day and unfortunately it was bigger than I thought. I had to cut it down with a hacksaw. I retained the plastic 'blanking plug' for later use.

With the post cut down to size, I tried the AlexLoop tube in it and found that there was too much play. By cutting out a section of the nylon blanking-plug, I could use it as a bush to take up the slack and then the AlexLoop fitted perfectly!

I should point out that this thing is bigger than it looks and is not very lightweight, but it is very effective for those occasions where you're going to be sat at a table. It's super stable and puts your loop at the perfect height for convenient tuning. 

Excuse the terrible video-editing, LOL

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