Wednesday 3 June 2020



I was just looking at my log to see how much I've done so far with 10W and I must say, I am quite pleased with it considering that I've got so many other hobbies too 😂

And it's not about the quantity of the contacts though - it's more about the great chats that I've had with people from all over the world. Different countries, cultures, points of view. 

It's about the different modes of operation, the different operating locations, the learning, the struggling, the help and encouragement I've been given and the help I've sometimes been been able to give others.

My thanks to everyone who's helped me to enjoy my first year or so in Amateur Radio 👍 


VE9KK said...

Congratulations on the first year and many to come. You will never get bored with the hobby as there is so many off shoots to discover.

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Wow, you did great Tom. I was not so fortunate the first year. However, we didn;t have great tools like FT8 back in the days. It's nice to have a "newby" in the hobby. Someone that has somthing to tell us as well. You're welcome! 73, Bas

MadDogMcQ said...

Thank you guys. It's nice to have such encouragement from people.