Sunday 15 March 2020



The IC-7610 has a built-in server which means that you don't need to connect it to a computer in order to operate it from a remote location. All it requires is a connection to the internet - mine is connected via a wireless hub.

Curiosity drove me to learn more about remote operation and then a fellow club-member at WMRC gave a talk on the subject using Icom's own software (RS-BA1). I already had a "copy" of this software and had tried to get it working previously with my IC-7100. I failed miserably, even though I managed to get the software to operate the radio perfectly through a direct PC connection (USB Lead).

Anyway, onto the 7610. Unlike the 7100, the 7610 is a DUAL receiver rig, so the RS-BA1 software had to be upgraded to V2 in order to provide control over both receivers. Once installed, I managed to get to the same position as before - I could control the radio using a direct PC connection, but not remotely.

After much research on the internet, I found some radio-settings that needed changing. Voila!! The software worked almost perfectly! If I twiddled a dial or switch on the software, it reacted on the radio. Every single aspect worked perfectly - except transmit!!

Damn! I just couldn't figure it out. I was using my Surface Pro-7 tablet with Windows 10 64-bit, RS-BA1 V2, the RS-28 VFO Dial and a Logitech G533 Headset. I went onto a 7610 Technical Facebook Group and asked for help, but everything they suggested, I'd already tried.

And then for some reason (desperation) I tried one more setting and BOOM, it was sorted and my speech into the microphone finally produced some SSB modulation in the radio, using a dummy load. I was very pleased!

Being an M7, I can only operate remotely from the same general location as the radio, so I can enjoy using the brilliant RX capabilities of my Icom from somewhere nicer than the shack in the summer months. I can use the remote software by controlling the radio via a LAN. I'm not giving access to other operators - it's for personal use only.

Apparently, there's a few other ways of operating your radio remotely including so it's worth looking around. I only used the Icom software because it was custom written by the radio's manufacturer and I guess it can't get any better than that. My only gripe with the software is that it won't 'expand' beyond the size shown in the photo above. Very annoying!


Ooops! My bad. I didn't notice that Icom slipped in a new feature in V2 whereby you can increase the panel-size from "normal" to large". In large mode, it is in all fairness, big enough even on my relatively hi-res screen.

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