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Well, since getting my ELAD DUO-ART I've done quite a bit of moaning about the fact that ELAD neither supply, offer to sell or provide a simple wiring diagram to allow you to interface your DUO-ART with your FT-817/818.

Seems absolutely crazy to me to advertise a feature which you can not help your customers to use.  The DUO-ART manual shows an over-simplified diagram of how to connect an FT-817 to your amp, but there is no information on how that connection is made. When I asked Advanced Operators for help, I typically got the response "It's not rocket science" and "It looks pretty straightforward", but no one actually came out with anything useful.

I approached ELAD's Technical Support and despite me explaining that I am a Foundation Licence holder with ZERO KNOWLEDGE of electronics, I received techno-talk and unfathomable schematics. They could not provide a pre-made cable and could not just tell me in plain English which parts to buy and which wires go to which pins. In fact, they sent me conflicting information on a number of occasions. Here's some of the stuff they sent to me which really did not help...

I turned to the ELAD FORUMS and initially got the familiar responses which make you feel a bit dumb and spoke of 'holding the soldering iron the right way around'. I explained that I wasn't dumb - and I was perfectly capable of putting together a cable if someone could just tell me what connects to what.

After a couple of days, I was again receiving conflicting advice (albeit in a much more friendly manner). So I decided to read through the information, pick the bones out of it and just 'have a go'!


So for the benefit of other DUO-ART/FT-817/818 owners, here's what I did....

First of all, you need to buy 3.5mm Stereo Jack-Plug with shielded cable. You may already have one knocking about somewhere - just make sure it's of decent quality and definitely shielded.

You also need to buy a a Yaesu CT-62 Lead. At one end it has an 8-PIN DIN for the 817's ACC Socket and at the other end it has a DB9 Connector for the DUO-ART.  You NEED the DB9 Connector, but the lead is useless in this project because it only contains 4 wires, so open up the DB-9 connector, take a nice clear photo of the wiring for reference and then de-solder the connections and throw the rest of the cable in a storage drawer.

JUST A QUICK NOTE : Don't think that you can use any old DB-9 connector! The CT-62's DB-9 connector includes a PCB which provides some sort of "Line Level". 

Order a shielded 8-PIN MINI DIN to Bare Wire Lead from the internet. The best place to buy one in the UK is TechnoFix...

Using a Multi-Meter, determine which colours go to which pins and make a note. Your cable may have the same colour combination as mine, in which case you can follow the diagram above. Otherwise, just make sure that the 4 connections on the DB9 match up with the appropriate pins in the mini-din.

After soldering the 4 relevant wires to the DB-9, you will have four surplus wires in the cable. Find out which one of them goes to Pin-8 of the mini-din - you are going to connect that wire to the TIP of the Jack-Plug and cut off the 3 surplus wires.

When connecting the Jack-Plug Tip wire to the Pin-8 wire, it's best to keep both wires small. Lay the cables next to each other as show in the drawing below, cable-tie them together and connect the two wires together with a soldered joint. Insulate and then rebuild the DB-9 connector. You may want to add another cable-tie slightly lower down the cables for additional strengthening.

Your cable should now look like this.....

When it comes to testing, make sure that your FT-817/818 is set to its lowest power and set 5db attenuation on the DUO-ART. Try transmitting very briefly to make sure you've got the connections right and if all's okay, then you can increase the power levels.

I couldn't test the full power range of the amp because my licence only permits 10W, so I'll run more tests when my mate G0UXF pops over. So far though, it all seems to be running perfectly well. The ATU doesn't seem to do anything when I press TUNE so I'll see if there's a way to get that working with the FT-818 at a later date.

I'm just pleased that I managed to come up with a working solution when ELAD couldn't be bothered to. I'll probably use the FT-818 and DUO together once every blue moon, so I guess people will wonder why I was so determined to find an interface? Just because! The facility existed on the Amp and it drove me potty that no one seemed to know how to make a cable! If ELAD had just produced a simple guide like this one, everything would have been sooooo simple.

And even though he's a YorkshireMan, my thanks still go to Neil Smith G4DBN for his encouragement and assistance.

Elad duo-art interface cable for yaesu ft-817 ft-818

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