Thursday 2 May 2019



My PC is pretty old now and despite upgrading certain components, it still showed its age in certain areas. The CPU and Video Card are both absolutely fine for now and so too is the RAM, but when it came to the hard-drives, boy it was seriously lagging.

Of course, it's nothing that you'd notice in general terms, but when it comes to high-demand applications like CombatSims, the older platter spinners really struggle. This results in dreadful loading times and the occasional stutter in-game.

Thanks to the blistering speeds of SSD's all that's a thing of the past. I installed a 512Mb Samsung 860PRO into the PC and use it PURELY for sim software. The difference in loading times is truly dramatic!! 

The PC feels much more modern now and will keep going for some time, but I am fully aware that the motherboard and CPU will need replacing at some point. 

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