Monday 4 March 2019



I was reading reviews on eHam about the DV ACCESS POINT USB DONGLE and it seems that everyone loves it. It has a rating of 4.9/5 so no issues there! The device description on eHam reads....

The DVAP, produced by INet Labs is similar to many of the homebrew D-STAR Hotspots. The device is used for simplex operations, but it does connect to the gateway. The DVAP plugs into your Windows or MAC computer via the computer's USB port and uses the internet connection to communicate with the D-STAR gateway.

The DVAP has a very low-power signal at only about 10 mW. It’s similar to the functionality of a simplex Echolink link node. The device’s 10 mW signal is intended to reach only a few hundred feet, but it allows you to use your D-STAR HT away from the computer around your house or around your neighbourhood at low power.

If you are using a small DSTAR radio like me (Kenwood TH-D74) and don't have a repeater closeby, you can connect this device to the internet via your Desktop/Laptop and then use your radio to tune into the DVAP's working frequency. I'm guessing that you can switch that tiny SMA antenna to an external one to provide extended coverage - I'll try it when it arrives.

And that brings me onto my next subject - the price. These vary from £250 to £299 depending where you go. Mine cost £30 from eBay as a used item. I figured there's not much to go wrong with a solid-state device, so I took a chance on it.

I will post more about it when it has been installed and tested.

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