Wednesday, 11 May 2022



We recently decided to invest in a Holiday Home and looked at lots of parks in North West England, before settling on Six Arches. I'd previously had a caravan on this site back in 2006 and absolutely loved it.

First caravan - 2006

The site is in the tiny village of Scorton, between Garstang and Lancaster. This is on the edge of the Forest Of Bowland, an official Area of Outsanding Natural Beauty and although it's in a fabulous location, it's still very accessible via the M6 or the A6.

Six Arches Caravan Park has many great facilities including a very smart Club House which provides a licensed bar, entertainment and food. There's also an outdoor heated swimming pool, amusement arcades, parks, picnic areas, fishing, a laundry and even a chippy!

There's around 200 static caravans on the site and the vast majority are holiday homes, but I believe there's also a handful of people who actually live there full-time. Recent rule-changes mean that no one else can choose to live onsite permanently. And tourers are also not allowed to use the site.

I left the site in 2014 after a divorce, so it was a hell of a surprise to find that the cost of owning a caravan has absolutely rocketed!  What cost us £11,000 for a used caravan in 2006 cost us £25,000 in 2022 😲 Site fees had also shot up in price, but in all fairness, the whole site has greatly improved since my last visit. 

Second caravan in 2022
My first caravan was a 35x10ft 2 bedroom and we added a large veranda and skirting to it early on. The second caravan is 35x12ft 2 bedroom and the extra two feet is really noticeable. It feels far roomier than the old one. It also has a much more modern style roof on it.

At the time of writing, there is no veranda or skirting, but we've got one on order which should be installed next month.  This makes a huge difference both aesthetically and functionally. It's very much like having an extra room - great in the summer and perfect for allowing the dog some freedom of movement without her escaping!

The first few weeks of ownership have seen us doing lots of work including ripping out old-fashioned curtains, nets and pelmets, carpets and vinyl flooring, etc. Then time was spent installing blinds to all windows, fitting curtains and tie-backs and having new flooring installed.

It's amazing how much work there is to do even though at the point of purchasing, you view it as a complete, ready to use facility. Pffft - far from it. 

One of the first things to hit us was the lack of 13A power sockets around the van. Installing additional sockets is quite a task. And then there’s all those other things you have to purchase like a new microwave, coffee machine, television, cutlery, bedding, outdoor lighting, etc, etc, etc.

And what about Wi-Fi? Well the site is supposed to be providing free internet connectivity but I don’t think that’s gonna happen until next year, so I’ve installed a 4G Wireless Router. I’m also installing 3 wireless security cameras - 2 outdoor and 1 indoor. These are linked to Alexa so you can access them through that or through the Amazon Blink App on your phone.

Needless to say, I want a permanent radio to play with up there, so I’m installing my Yaesu FT-857D and an ATAS-120A. Finding a discreet location for the antenna should be fun!

The location of the caravan is very handy for Amateur Radio operators because of its proximity to NICKY NOOK which is a local high spot with good elevation and panoramic views - especially out to the Irish Sea. Nearby Glasson Dock is another good radio take-off.

The area is also FANTASTIC for walkers and dogs. Obviously, there’s the Forest of Bowland which is just beautiful and then there’s lots of others places to enjoy a ramble. There’s even the Lancaster Canal just half a mile away for nice canal-path walks.

Close-by towns of interest include Garstang and Lancaster, with lots of pubs and eateries. As a biker, the caravan park represents a great ‘launchpad’ to some of the best biking roads in the North West of England! Great for cyclists too.

Finally, as we are both amateur artists, we know there’s lots of amazing places to paint in this area - there’s a painting everywhere you turn.

Here’s some pix of the caravan before the veranda and skirts are built…

Veranda being added


  1. Good evening Tom, that looks fantastic!! It's great they have all the amenities as well. Looks like you both have a great place to spend your summers at. Yes we to have noticed prices here have gone way up as well. It's funny how folks here brag about how much the price of their home has increased....BUT..they don't realize if they sell at the wonderful price they can only get the same thing at the same price as all homes have gone up in price.

    1. Absolutely Mike!! I've seen two people sell their houses, claiming big chunks of equity, then moving into rented accommodation temporarily while they casually search for a new home. Weeks and months go buy quickly and they find that they are spending their new found wealth buying a home that's not much better than what they already had.

      Thanks for the good wishes mate. Hope you're all well.

      73, Tom, M7MCQ.